General Information

Mandatory health insurance is a solidarity-based social project. It is designed to improve healthcare financing as well as to ensure universal and sustainable health insurance guaranteeing delivery of safe, quality, and efficient healthcare services to the public.

On 29 November, 2017 president of Azerbaijan Republic İlham Aliyev has signed a decree “On measures for ensuring implementation activities of mandatory health insurance pilot project in Mingachevir and Yevlakh”. The aim of the decree is to align healthcare services in accordance with modern requirements, improve the quality of health services provision to the population due to ensure implementation of MHI by developing the new economic basis of the existing health care financing mechanism.

Currently a mandatory health insurance pilot project is running in Mingachevir, Yevlakh and Agdash. The MHI pilot project offers 1829 healthcare services that are included in basic benefits package.

There are 1186 exclusions (i.e. healthcare services are not included in basic benefits package of MHI) and citizens must make official payments.

İt is planned the phased implementation of new model of mandatory health insurance throughout the country in the future.

Who are Mandatory Health Insurance Beneficiaries?

All residents of the pilot regions (Mingachevir city, Yevlakh and Agdash districts) who are officially registered in these territorial units, as well as the refugees and internally displaced persons placed there, have a right to use mandatory health insurance services.

Covered services:

  • Emergency;
  • Primary healthcare (family physician);
  • Outpatient services;
  • Inpatient services;
  • Instrumental diagnostics (USI, CT, MRT, etc.);
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Laboratory;
  • Pregnancy and delivery;
  • Urgent vaccinations (anti-rabic, anti-tetanus, anti-snake venom, etc.);
  • Scheduled child vaccinations;
  • Surgeries (including expensive heart surgeries, cochlear implantations, etc.);
  • Specialised continuing healthcare.

Key information:

  • Mandatory health insurance is a new form of healthcare financing. It ensures delivery of modern and quality healthcare services;
  • Mandatory health insurance will offer a basic benefits package. The package will be constantly reviewed taking into account public needs.

How does Mandatory Health Insurance affect public health?

  • Diagnosis of diseases at early stage prevents deterioration of these;
  • Quality healthcare services are delivering to the public even in the most remote villages;
  • The public receives effective prophylaxis of infectious and other diseases.